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Plasma VBA Global Pro

Uniquely flexible with the new Plasma VBA Global Pro.

Our new tool for weld edge preparation offers you a unique variety of performance. It cuts vertically, in dry cutting, under water, and even masters the task of water-injection cutting. Using the Plasma VBA Global Pro, you can apply ESAB's Precision Hole Technology™ for cutting small holes*) while using the tool in parallel with a plasma vertical torch such as the PT-36, for example.

The Plasma VBA Global Pro features an innovative setting system ensuring constantly high cut reproducibility. The initial height is determined by a sensor which also guarantees a consistent height during the cutting process - independent of the cutting speed. Process-related deviations are compensated for dispensing with the necessity of manual intervention. Precise weld edge preparation is possible at an angle of 45.
*) vertical cuts only


Advantages at a glance:

  • Integration of the Plasma VBA Global Pro in the CNC-controlled machine system allows perfect control of weld edge preparation
  • Protractor based - this sophisticated design automatically puts the torch tip at the focal point of tilt and rotation, even at high speeds
  • The PT-36 Plasma torch delivers the highest accuracy cutting accompanied by longer nozzle and electrode service lives
  • Torch collision protection and tactile initial height control reduce maintenance requirements as well as avoid alignment work
  • Bevel cutting from -45° to +45°
  • Multi-pass beveling for „Y“ and „X“ cuts, under certain circumstances
  • Fully-integrated process parameters ensure smooth cutting processes
  • Tactile initial height control
  • C-axis orthogonal follower

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