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The TELEREX™ expands the ESAB range of cutting machines in terms of size and performance.

As the leader and the top performer among large machines, the TELEREX™ is used in shipbuilding, bridge building and pressure vessel production. The large number of TELEREX™ cutting gantries in use around the world provides impressive evidence of the machine's unparalleled productivity, economy and performance.


Endless rotating plasma bevel heads, fully-automatic triple torch systems for oxy-fuel operation, integrated sandblasting tools, grinding systems, marking tools in all variations and on-board filters for fume extraction create a perfect system, not only for the shipbuilding industry but also for many other industries processing metals.

Panel lines in all leading shipyards worldwide are running the TELEREX™. Using a track width from 7,000 to 33,000 mm, the TELEREX™ fulfils any cutting or process requirement.

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