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Innovative, fully integrated oxygen cooling guarantees operational safety, highest cutting quality and faster cutting speed.

The COOLJET™ greatly reduces the heat generated on the cutting nozzle while preheating to ignition temperature. The innovative valve body ensures efficient heat dissipation and a substantially improved cutting gas mixture.


The unique cooling of the cutting nozzle makes flame cutting particularly economical for you: as well as higher cutting speeds, the COOLJET™ makes for lower maintenance costs, a longer lifetime and greater operational safety.

The COOLJET™ is suitable for use on all ESAB flame-cutting machines, even in
combination with high-performance nozzles.

Wide range of applications:
The COOLJET™ cuts material thicknesses from 3 to 300 mm mild steel.

Your benefits:

  • low maintenance
  • higher cutting speed
  • longer cutting torch lifetime and greater nozzle durability
  • great operational safety due to backfire protection
  • stable flame due to constant flow

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