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The revolutionary, unique new development by ESAB CUTTING  SYSTEMS for cutting grid irons.

From now on, using conventional manual procedures is unnecessary. Grid irons can be manufactured in a fully automatic, precise, 100% reproducible and cost-effective way.


The unique technology of the two independently adjustable preheating torches and the centrally rotating main cutting torch allows the individual generation of grid iron geometries and uninterrupted cutting.

The particular challenge of grid iron cutting with a “flying start” after a material-free zone is mastered in a brilliant and cost-effective way. In combination with the ESAB COLUMBUS TM programming system, VISION controls and integrated technology database, the system achieves maximum productivity.

Wide range of applications:
The GRIDJET™ cuts construction steels alloyed with up to 1.6% carbon at a base height of 8 to 100 mm mild steel.

Your benefits:

  • can be used in fully automated production processes
  • uninterrupted cutting of grid irons
  • all contours possible
  • 100 % reproducibility

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