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Patented torch with automatic internal ignition, recommended for all automated production processes.

The MULTIJET™ revolutionises automated flame cutting, which is why ESAB CUTTING SYSTEMS has obtained a patent for this torch.


The robust design and the low-maintenance internal ignition, which allows a lean design and protects against impurities, make for great reliability. Multi-torch operation allows far smaller separating distances for higher productivity. In addition, the MULTIJET™ is eminently suitable for use on cutting and heating robots.

Wide range of applications:
The MULTIJET™ cuts material thicknesses from 3 to 300 mm mild steel.

Your benefits:

  • basis for automated cut and flame monitoring
  • highly suitable for automated processes since no monitoring is required
  • greater reliability thanks to internal ignition
  • reduced distances possible in multi-torch operation
  • dirt-resistant and extremely low maintenance

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