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PT-36 Plasma Torch

Our innovative PT-36 plasma torch combines all the advantages of m3 plasmaT with a wide range of power sources. Full performance, little effort, the PT-36 masters everything perfectly.

With our PT-36 plasma torch you can handle plate marking and labelling, all perpendicular cuts and even bevel cutting without time-consuming tool changes. That means uninterrupted productivity.

You can also optimise your logistics. The PT-36 needs far fewer wear parts than similar plasma torches, so your torch parts inventory becomes cleaner and handling is easier, saving your time and expense.


The PT-36 is a multi-function torch suitable for a wide variety of applications. The innovative geometry ensures faultless precision, a significant reduction in wear parts and a long service life.

Your benefits:

  • Marking, labelling and cutting without changing tools
  • Cutting and marking material from 1 - 150 mm
  • Marking up to 20 m/min.
  • Welding bevels up to +/-45°

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