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Standard Four Column Press

Model AP1000
Four Column Press

Model AP 4 Column Press

Hydraulic Presses


Hydraulic system with continuous filtration


Massive welded frame

Large chromed columns

T-slots in bed and ram

Permanently mounted electric heaters for column maintenance

  Oil Cooler

  Adjustable shaft packing


  Heavy Guide Bearings


  Adjustable tonnage control


  Adjustable ram travel


Portable 2 hand control station

Model AP1000 (1,000 ton) shown with optional rubber pad enclosure mounted under ram.  All other features shown are standard equipment .

Hydraulic Presses
Model AP300
(300 ton capacity)
Hydraulic PressesModel AP1000
with optional color
(1,000 ton capacity)

Loading Applications for
the model AP
Four Column Press

Center Loading

Even tonnage
 across bed


Standard Industrial model AP Four column presses are manufactured for a variety of applications in metalworking and other fields.

Four column presses are best utilized for center load applications and/or for evenly distributed tonnage applications like embossing and rubber pad forming

Off center loading applications can be done on four column presses, but they will require optional load balancing devices like stroke dampers or nitrogen cylinders.

Available from 100 to 1,000 tons the model AP four column press is available with a wide variety of options that will make it one of the most versatile presses on your floor.

Hydraulic Presses

Two AP300 Presses


Applications For Model AP:

 Die Try-out
 Rubber Pad Forming
 Punching (*)
 Blanking (* )

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses

Model AP w/ optional
bolster/die rollout 
arms and rubber pad holder
and paint color


All model AP presses are available w/ longer open height and stroke.


(*) Punching/Blanking

Due to the overall weight of the ram and weight of the ram and punching or blanking with a four column press, you should limit your overall tonnage to 50% unless stroke dampers are used

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses


AP300 press with optional
light curtains and interlocking
side barriers & with special
low bed height

Model AP600 press with optional die bolster rollout arms; light curtain safety systems and air actuated quick change die system located in t-slots rubber pad box and paint color


Hydraulic Presses

The model AP Four column press is a vertical, down acting   direct hydraulic press with a guided platen powered by an extremely heavy duty machine tool quality hydraulic cylinder.   The precision machined platen is fitted with bearings made of A660 bronze and rides on machined platen is fitted with bearings made of A660 bronze and rides on The massive structure is fabricated from heavy sections of prime steel plate.   This press is designed for heavy production work for all sizes of facilities.   The self contained hydraulic system uses a hi-low circuit using directional valves for speed control.   As with all Standard Industrial machines, the model AP comes with our unmatched 5 year warranty, plus T-slots in the bed and ram, a decompression system, overload protection and many more impressive standard features.

Two Twin AP1000 presses with optional color

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