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Standard Press Features

Hydraulic Presses

Standard Features
For Model AP, DC, DCSS and AM Presses

5 Year hydraulic and electric parts and limited labor warranty covering every standard component on the press (Optional PLC controls are subject to a two year warranty).

All presses come standard with a mechanical in-line depth stop and tonnage control

100% made in the USA
(2) T-slots in the bed and (2) in the ram (more are available optionally)
All parts on every Standard Industrial machine are available from your local suppliers and/or the factory
Complete parts manual with all parts on machine listed as well as original manufacturers part number to provide you with easier part replacement
Complete low pressure (under 3,000 p.s.i.) hydraulic systems with overload protection as well as fan/radiator type oil cooler, continuous filtration and manifold mounted valves to provide you with the least amount of tubing and hoses which mean less maintenance and downtime
Electric disconnect with magnetic starter-Ready to accept power.
A Decompression system with adjustable timer used to reduce shock at the end of each ram stroke during a bottoming operation
Full tonnage throughout the stroke
A Counterbalance system used to reduce shock to the system during punching applications and for safety to prevent ram free-fall
Positive single cylinder drive designs for all model presses-Direct hydraulic for model AP, DC and DCSS and hydra-mechanical for model AM
High speed approach, rapid return and low speed press limits controlled via a positive mechanical depth stop assembly, all fully adjustable (PLC controls available as an option)
Shock-less quiet operation
Lube fittings at all bearing points
Pilot operated check valve to hold ram in position when ram is stationary
Full power throughout stroke
Anti tie down switches to actuate press
All liquid tight electrical components
Hydraulic pressure tonnage control to vary tonnage output
Two hand control station mounted on a portable pedestal for model AP and AM and at the operator station for the model DC and DCSS.  Optionally available in varying and multiple locations per your application.
Incredibly simple and versatile hydraulic and electric controls
Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses
DC500 w/ optional support Tie rods and paint color Base model AP600 Precision machining & attention to detail are standard on all presses
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