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Standard Press Options

Hydraulic Presses

Available Options for Model AP, DC, DCSS and AM

Programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the base functions of the press including multiple job storage, stroke length, open height point, tonnage, decompression, ram delay/dwell at bottom of stroke (not under tonnage   A mechanical standard to control limits of the press and is also included even with PLC.
Light curtain safety barrier system provides infra-red beam during operation and shuts machi  Base op front of press only-other optional curtains can be quoted per customer specification.
Interlocking side barriers as physical barriers-can be used in conjunction with light curtains or alone
Special single color paint
Dwell under tonnage sustains desired tonnage for a set amount of time - typically used for manufacturers of plastics or fiberglass products
Custom or special controls per user specifications
Remote auto cycle for automated operations
Special machining of bed and/or ram
Removable bolster plates for bed
Die cushions for drawing and/or part ejection
Ejector cylinders for drops or parts
Scrap chutes or knockouts to remove drops or parts
  Hydraulic Presses

Typical Dayton die cushion mounted under press bed
Scrap chutes or knockouts to remove drops or parts      
Stroke dampers for punching or blanking operations allow more overall dimensions to increase
Quick change tooling components such as air actuated die lifters and/or power die removal systems-increase productivity by decreasing die change and set-up time
High speed or special hydraulic systems
T-slots in bed and ram (2 are standard in bed and ram) operations
Automatic lubrication systems to decrease maintenance
Safety gear lock systems with interlocking posts provide even more operator safety (Model AP only)
Additional open height (NOTE: Does not automatically increase stroke length)
Additional stroke for automatically increase open height)
Low speed retract allows the ram to return slower than normal
  Hydraulic Presses
W-Technologies stroke dampers allow more punching and blanking capacity without harming hydraulic system
Pressure ram reversal allows the ram to return when a particular pressure is achieved.
Ram delay at bottom of stroke (not under tonnage)
Coil line processing and material feeding equipment
Custom and standard die sets
The model AM, DC and DCSS can have longer open heights but are limited to a maximum
of 12" stroke as an option
The model AM is available in longer lengths but not shorter lengths  
Hydraulic Presses
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