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Standard C-Frame Presses

Model DC C-Frame Press


 Self contained hydraulic system with oil cooler and filter

 Full length eight way ram guides

 T-slots in the bed and ram

 Two hand control station

 A counterbalance valve for punching and a decompression system for bottoming applications are standard equipment on all Standard Industrial presses

C-Frame Presses

  Machine tool quality direct hydraulic cylinder

  Box type ram

  Adjustable shaft packing

  Tonnage control

  Completely adjustable open height, stroke and speed change point

  Extremely heavy duty welded frames


**For Punching or Blanking applications de-rate the overall press tonnage by 1/3**



C-Frame Presses

Model DC400

Loading Applications for the Model DC C-Frame Press

  • Center
  • Off-Center
  • Front to Back
  • Left to Right

C-Frame Presses

C-Frame style
straightening press

Model DC C-Frame Press

C-Frame Presses
Model DC
C-Frame Press

The model DC C-Frame press is one of the most versatile presses we manufacture. It is designed to accept off-center and center loads as well as progressive die set ups for smaller bed applications. The DC is available in tonnages up to 600 tons and can be used for metalworking, plastics, fabrics and many other materials as well. Virtually any type of press application can be accomplished on a DC style press.

The model DC has an open gap frame and an extremely heavy duty box ram guided by 8 way gibbing. This combination is the most effective way to guide the ram and provide the precision most facilities require.

The ram is powered by a very efficient hydraulic power plant utilizing low pressure (under 3,000 psi) to guarantee long life of the system. This system powers the single machine tool quality cylinder shaft made of turned ground and polished chrome.

The model DC comes with all the standard features listed as well as our 5 year parts warranty and excellent service.


C-Frame Presses

DC500 shown with optional paint and light curtains.
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