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Standard Straight Side Press

Hydraulic Presses

Model DCSS Straight Side Press


Self contained hydraulic system with oil cooler and filter

Hydraulic Presses

Machine tool quality direct hydraulic cylinder

Full length EIGHT way ram guides

Box type ram

Solid end frames to provide the most rigid design of any press

Adjustable shaft packing
  Tonnage Control Completely adjustable open height, stroke and speed change point

T-slots in the bed and ram


Windows for material and die pass through

Two hand control station

Extremely heavy duty welded frames

A counterbalance valve for punching and a decompression system for bottoming applications are standard equipment

**For Punching Or Blanking applications De-Rate The Overall Press Tonnage By 1/3 

Loading Applications for
the Model DCSS Straight Side Press


Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses

Typical window for model DCSS, shown with air tank for die cushion and an automatic lubrication system


Center/Off-Center/Front to Back and/or Left to Right loading

Model DCSS500


Hydraulic Presses

Built similarly to the DC style press, the DCSS takes yet another step toward providing the most frame strength available on any press on the market.  The DCSS has enclosed end frames in lieu of the gap therefore allowing the least amount of deflection and the most rigidity.  The operator can still however have material or die pass through with windows located in the end frames.

Built with the same hydraulic system and solid welded construction as the DC, the DCSS gives you another layer of strength for even the most punishing applications.  Typically the bed and ram would stay within the frames, but optionally you can order the DCSS with ram and/or bed extensions to extend beyond the frames to give you even more die area.

The DCSS is also available up to 600 tons and is perfect for center load and off center loads left to right and/or front to back as well as virtually any other press application.

Hydraulic Presses

Model AM Straight Side Press


Hydraulic Presses

The model AM straight side press is a more traditional style of straight side with much more left to right bed and ram area.  The AM is able to hold tolerance left to right much better than a direct hydraulic design due to its bellcrank linkage that gives the press full tonnage from one end of the press to the other.  This single cylinder design develops full tonnage anywhere along the bed left to right and front to back.  The bellcrank linkage system is actuated with a single cylinder utilizing A660 bronze at the bearing points.

Hydraulic Presses

Model AM200-10

  200 ton press in automated feed line & optional paint
These bearings are Designed to withstand up to 6 times the machines overall tonnage and they are covered by our extensive 5 year parts warranty.  The model AM is truly designed to accept virtually all forms of press applications whether it is punching, forming, blanking, coining, swedging, die tryout, trimming, drawing and so on. The AM is available up to 600 tons and particularly excels at progressive die set ups where you have varying amounts of tonnage being applied across the bed all in the same stroke.

**For Punching Or Blanking applications De-Rate The Overall Press Tonnage By 1/3

Hydraulic Presses

Massive unitized welded frame
Extremely simple low pressure hydraulic system with cooler
Ram mounted controls and/or pedestal controls are available
Enclosed end frames w/windows for pass thru of material, dies, feeding equipment, etc

400 ton straight side press with optional light curtains, extra t-slots in the bed and ram, automatic lubrication system and air counterbalance system with air tank and optional white paint


Loading Applications For the Model AM Straight Side Press

Hydraulic Presses: Bell Crank
Single cylinder bellcrank linkage system generates full tonnage all across the bed and ram

Hydraulic Presses


Center/Off-Center/Left to Right and or Front to Back Loading

Model AM500-10 
500 ton capacity x 10'

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