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Standard Presses - Press Applications

Model AP1000
Four Column Press
As with all manufacturers, each style of Standard Industrial press has a particular strength or attribute that makes it more acceptable for a particular application.  To a certain degree all of our styles of presses can perform similar applications, but it is very important to identify what your particular application is before you buy.  For example, the model AM straight side presses are typically used by customers who require a varying amount of tonnage across the bed of the press.  Progressive die set ups are perfect for straight side presses due to the single cylinder hydra-mechanical drive system that generates full tonnage all the way across the bed.  In one die you may have a light forming operation, then next die may require heavy punching and the next may have a guillotine shearing action.  With a Standard Industrial straight side press it doesn't matter where the tonnage occurs along the bed as long as the overall tonnage requirement does not exceed the machines overall tonnage.  The AM series is also used in virtually every other pressing type application as well.

On the contrary a model AP four column press is designed for center load applications and/or applications that require little variation of tonnage across the bed and ram.  Four columns are especially good for long stroke and deep draw applications where the ram must travel a considerable distance to complete an operation and then retract out of the way. 

The model DCSS style is a more compact version of the straight side press providing a staggering amount of rigidity due to the enclosed end-frames and compact bed sizes.  Even with enclosed end frames the DCSS can allow material flow through with windows in the end frames.  The DCSS is excellent for all types of press applications including center and off-center loading.


Hydraulic Presses
The model DC C-frame style press is a gap frame press which lends itself to a wide variety of forming applications as well.  It is particularly good for applications where the workpiece is larger than the bed and/or the material needs to be fed from the left or right.  All four styles of machines and their strengths are explained in more detail in this literature.

Standard Press Operation

Standard Industrial offers an incredibly simple and easy to operate base machine.  We believe in starting with a good solid foundation and building from there by adding features based on the customers needs.  We offer a wide variety of options and features that will provide each customer with their particular level of sophistication, while providing an un-complicated base machine as the power plant.  This simplicity drastically cuts down on your troubleshooting efforts by being able to operate the base machine independent of an add-on type of control.

All 4 types of presses use the same base functions to operate.  All machines typically have the controls on the right hand side located on a main control panel.  Each machine will also come with a two-hand control pedestal with (2) anti-tie down buttons to actuate the machine.  This pedestal also has an emergency stop button and a "normal-inch" switch.  This switch controls the ram and allows it to return to the upper limit in "normal" mode when the buttons are released or in "inch" mode the ram stays in the exact position you want when the buttons are released.  

The machine's (3) limits are controlled through a very simple limit switch assembly that controls the upper limit (top of stroke), the speed change point and the lower limit (bottom of stroke).  In order to develop full tonnage and provide precision results it is necessary to set the speed change point or "pressing" speed limit so the ram slows down before it strikes the material.  More sophisticated programmable features can be added to control all the base functions of the press, but you will always have this simple, precision mechanical back-up in case of computer failure.  This assembly is particularly favorable in heavy forming and punching applications when the machine is under an atypical "shock" condition such as heavy punching and bottoming.

The main control panel includes an on-off switch for the main motor, and a timer (for duration) for the decompression system which is necessary during bottoming applications.  All presses also come standard with a counterbalance valve that allows you to punch or blank to up to 2/3 of the machines overall tonnage  for the model DC, DCSS and AM and of the machines overall tonnage for the model AP.  All presses come standard with a hydraulic pressure tonnage control to allow you to vary your pressure.  Each style of press comes standard with many features as well as a wide variety of optional features.

Hydraulic Presses

Any size facility can benefit from a Standard Industrialpress from the price conscious smaller facility that does piece by piece work, up to the 3 shifts a day high volume manufacturers that require dependable, low maintenance machines with readily available components for minimal downtime.   

Hydraulic Presses
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